September 16

September 16 is the day that unites Americans. We remember that we are a nation under God, indivisible with freedom and justice for all. On this day.

We must remind ourselves of the liberties and liberties that are in every corner of our society, from the polling station to everyday life. September 16 is a celebration of our desire to be free.

September 16 comes every year and it means in Korean. September 16 is a national holiday in Korea, marked on the 16th day of the ninth month in the lunar calendar.

It is a holiday for families with children; in this tradition, parents and their children celebrate the coming of fall by eating apples and candlelight dinner together.

September 16 is celebrated by many as Independence Day in various countries of the world and in the United States, it is officially observed on the fourth Monday of September.

On September 16, 1620, the first settlers landed in what is now New Mexico. On this day in 1847, President Zachary Taylor was born at Long Creek Plantation near Louisville, Kentucky.

In 1924, “The Big Bang Theory” premiered on CBS-TV; it was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady (and inspired by two years’ worth of research into string theory).

September 16 is the day of awareness for people with a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and disabilities. It's about saying that not everyone has access to the same services and supports.

16 is a number represented by its hexadecimal code 0x16. It is one of the twelve numbers that can be formed by placing an unassigned digit in front of the decimal point.